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Recruiting Methodology
Potential candidates know that HPR is a gateway to many of the premier companies where candidates prefer to work. Because of this, HPR is well positioned to deliver the critical technology resources that will drive your competitive engine. Leveraging on Information Technology and the Internet, our dedicated consultants are able to offer excellent, comprehensive, fast and efficient service to our valued clients. We provide a platform that provides an opportunity to both the job seekers and recruiters to meet. We endeavour to cater to the specific requirements of our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction. Our staff is skilled at locating, screening and recommending highly talented professionals for domestic and international recruitment. Through open communication and collaboration, we ensure to offer innovative and unique solutions to our clients.
Step 1:
Our hiring methodology can be briefly summarized as a four-step process:
We start by having a deep understanding of our clients' industries and requirements. Constant dialogue with the clients helps us to further understand the job scope, salary structure, number of employees , terms and conditions and other needs and wants
We assist the client in determining on the most suitable country for recruitment
Step 2:
We adopt a systematic approach to provide the strong fundamental support needed for the effective delivery of our services:
Advertised recruitment
Database selection including SMS
Joint advertised search
Referrals from previously qualified, proven candidates
Networking events, including user group, conference and summit
Step 3:
The best fit
We never submit a candidate without first conducting intensive phone screening by recruiters who specialize in a specific skill set or technological area
Our evaluation criteria for suitability considers the following:
Technical and cultural match for the specific project and environment
Sincere and professional interest in our client’s project, with 100% commitment to client satisfaction
Step 4:
We provide the best secretarial assistance for the interviewer.
After final selection by the client, a formal offer letter is issued to candidates or a declaration is taken from them accepting our terms & conditions.
The individuals report for duty within the time frame given by the client.
The selected candidates are followed up for their resignation process, if working and the relieving process from the present company.
Step 5:
We take particular care to ensure absolute compliance of our selected candidates. Hence, we provide in-depth orientation and training for new recruits, preparing them for their new life. This, we believe, would help the candidates to acclimatize themselves to their working condition quickly and facilitate higher productivity.
Step 6:
Travel Arrangment
We would assist with all travel arrangements and paperwork to ensure that the new recurits arrive safely.