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MOM. LIC. No. C986201D
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S-Pass, Work Permit

Human Power Re-sourcing (s) PTE LTD, notably, specializes in the Indian labour market. We recognise that India has a large, educated, trained and technically skilled manpower which is further being value-added due to the concerted efforts by the Indian government to increase the quality of the manpower by providing large amounts of funding for education and vocational training. In recent years, a high number of multinational companies have flooded into India to take advantage of such abundant labour resources. We have therefore established a number of recruitment offices in key states of India to aid companies from other parts of the world in effectively sourcing the appropriate employees they are seeking. Once we acquire a deep understanding of every company's requirements and criteria for the employee they are seeking, using our comprehensive resume database and also through our own direct searches, we assist their respective HR managers by short listing the best possible employees for their companies.

Our clients include both local and multi-national corporations from a wide spectrum of industries who have never once been disappointed with the services we provide. Leveraging on IT and internet, our dedicated consultants offer excellent, comprehensive, fast and efficient services to our valued clients. Our successful recruitment track record coupled with the personal, flexible and friendly services that we provide have helped distinguish us from our competitors.